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Megalochori: Santorini artisans’ little secret

What most Santorini guidebooks mention when referring to Megalochori, are the beautiful arched belfries of its churches. It is true that one can enjoy a pleasant stroll along Megalochori’s alleys, taking in beautiful views and photos, but there is more to this peaceful village, located in the southern part of Santorini. Megalochori’s central street has seen the opening of several interesting little shops selling handmade products made by local craftsmen. You have the classics, like leather, sandal and komboloi worry beads, and then you have artisans who make things as original as handbags made of cork. Outside the village, you can also find ceramics workshops featuring both traditional and modern Greek pottery. 

The most recent addition to Megalochori’s cultural scene is that of Symposion by La Ponta. Housed in an impressive building that used to be a winery, this cultural center offers immersive experiences that merge music and mythology.

If you would like a hands-on experience, then sign up to make your own pan pipe from local cane, discovering this instrument’s historical significance along the way. Yiannis Pantazis, the soul of Symposion, will amaze you both with his fascination with Ancient Greek Mythology, as well as with the love he breaths into his traditional bagpipe. It actually looks like he is hugging a living creature when he plays this unusual musical instrument that is the key component to all traditional Greek island celebrations. One of the daily events you can watch at Symposion’s distinctive traverse stage is an interactive musical journey that combines mythological narration with fifteen hand-crafted wind and string instruments.

Do explore every inch of this handcrafted temple of music: from the ocean drums and traditional Greek instruments to the dreamy reading room housed inside the space where Vinsanto wine used to be stored.